01 March 2010

I Am Legend

For January the book club read this awesome book. I saw the movie before I realized it was a book (hate it when that happens!), and while the movie and book have the same basic storyline, they are quite different in portrayal. I really enjoyed the book, but, like "Fight Club," I enjoyed the movie more, which doesn't happen very often.

Man, I wish I'd written this blog earlier when my thoughts were fresh in my mind. I didn't take notes on the book, so I'll just flip through the pages and write what I feel like at the moment.

What I liked about the book:

---the severe routine Robert developed
---seeing Robert transition from a drunk to a student
---the portrayal of how a person would act when they see another person after not having spoken to or seen another human being in 3 years
---the portrayal of how a person would cope without other humans around (i.e., arguing with oneself)
---the excitement of finding a healthy dog
---the desire to die at ones home when the time comes

What I didn't like about the book:

---it was only 160 pages; super short (the book's size is deceptive as it houses 11 of Richard's short stories, not just "I Am Legend"
---I was mentally biased in what I expected of the characters in the book because I'd already seen the movie, although that made some things surprising, which was nice

And that's all I've got. I do highly recommend this book for zombie/vampire/post-apocolyptic fanatics.

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