20 March 2015

2014 Nike+ Summary

Here's a quick summary of my Nike+ activity for the year of 2014.

Who else can say they did a run in Alaska! The 3 in California were for Ragnar SoCal! 96 in Texas, mostly with Social Runners! And 1 in Florida while I was traveling there for work.

where I ran in 2014

This graph shows how many miles I ran per month, along with some handy statistics. In total I put in just shy of 500 miles in just shy of 90 hours.

miles ran per month in 2014

Clearly, I run most often on Wednesday. It is a run day, after all.

breakdown of what days I ran in 2014

And, lastly, I ran mostly in the evenings in 2014 - largely due to the weekly Wednesday runs with Social Running, I'm sure. Interesting that I have a nearly even percentage for morning and afternoon.

27 February 2015

Return of the Quilt

It's been since August 2013 that I've lifted a finger for my quilt, but that changed this week. I'm back at it! Here's the update:

I'm happy to report that no additional money has been spent on this quilt. Well, I did drop a whopping $6 for some sewing machine oil, but I haven't used it yet because my sewing machine's manual doesn't explain where to apply the oil. However, I did learn how to clean out the lint in the machine area, and that has helped the machine to run better than it was recently.

The following is a log of when and how much time I've put towards this quilt. The last line item is the new one, a reboot so to speak!

DateNumber of HoursRunning Total of HoursDescription
25 May 20131.01.0pick pattern
28 May 20131.02.0convert twin-size pattern to king-size
1 June 20133.55.5choose fabric, figure yardage, purchase fabric
1-2 June 20132.58.0wash and dry fabric
2-3 June 20136.514.5trim and iron fabric
4 June 20130.7515.25cut 15 blocks' worth of one pattern fabric
9 June 20130.7516.0cut 15 blocks' worth of one pattern fabric
22 June 20132.518.5cut 15 blocks' worth of six pattern fabrics
30 June 20131.019.5cut 15 blocks' worth of two pattern fabrics
8 July 2013.7520.25cut 15 blocks' worth of one pattern fabric
9 July 20130.520.75cut 15 blocks' worth of one pattern fabric
11 July 20130.521.25cut 15 blocks' worth of one pattern fabric
18 July 20132.523.75cut 15 blocks' worth of two pattern fabrics
4 August 20130.2524.0cut 48 squares of beige fabric
9 August 20130.2524.25cut 48 squares of beige fabric
23-26 February 20152.2526.5sewed 12 pinwheel blocks of one pattern fabric, cut 96 squares of beige fabric, and prepped next 2 sets of 15 pinwheel blocks

And now for some photos!

this is what the finished product will resemble
My first few pinwheel blocks from this point (by the way, the fabric is tiny enough that the 2 pins here are not necessary; with the remaining 14 pattern fabrics I won't bother - and that will save me a lot of time!)

to this finished point

took about 10 minutes per pinwheel block. I was happy to find that I quickly became efficient and shaved off 25% of that, getting down to 7.5 minutes per pinwheel block.

12 pinwheel blocks of one pattern fabric

the back of a pinwheel block

making beige squares for the pinwheel blocks

pattern fabric #2 is ready to be whipped into pinwheel blocks

pattern fabric #3 is on deck

my workspace lately

Note: my original plan was to make a 120" x 120" king size bedspread for my queen size bed because I want it to hang all the way to the floor on the sides and have enough length to tuck the pillows in like my grandma showed me when I was a little girl. I've since learned that this size quilt is to big even for industrial-sized sewing machines. So if I stick with this size I'll have to hand-quilt it. Which, if I do a large stitch pattern, won't be so bad. I mean, what's another several hours when I've had this project going for years, heh. Anyway, I can do that OR I can make it a smaller quilt and pay someone with an industrial-sized sewing machine to do the quilting for me. I have plenty of time to decide. For now I'm only doing 12/15 pinwheel blocks per pattern fabric because I'm afraid I'll run out of the beige material for the squares in the pinwheels; this may be the deciding factor in the size of my quilt.

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03 August 2013

2013 Resolution Update

2013 is more than half way through, so I thought it was time for an update on my 2013 Resolutions.

Original 2013 Resolutions
  • WORKING pay off $15,000+ of debt
    • UPDATE: I have paid off $4,288 in debt (strictly debt, no interest payment included) to date; that means I've met 29% of this resolution. For being 58% through 2013 I am behind by $4,462. I fully believe this is because I've not had a roommate at all this year. The resolution was pretty ambitions without a roommate... 
  • COMPLETE run the Walt Disney World's Donal Duck Half Marathon
    • UPDATE: It was a great weekend! I LOVED having Mom & Dad down here to visit! Universal's Islands of adventure was fun, and at the half marathon the three of us crossed together!
  • NA run the Chicago Marathon
    • UPDATE: I was unable to register due to technical difficulties; aiming for 2014.
  • COMPLETE earn a B or better in my final PSU master's course
    • UPDATE: I earned an A!
  • COMPLETE graduate my PSU master's program
    • UPDATE: The diploma is beautiful! So happy to have this under my belt!
  • COMPLETE graduate my Leadership Development Program
    • UPDATE: My final rotation wrapped up in May! Graduation ceremony is in October!
  • NOT STARTED attend church service at least once a month (attending church service can be substituted with an hour of studying/reading the Bible)
    • UPDATE: This is not going well at all... I have been struggling with this area of life lately, and have not made any effort to attend church... I'm not really happy about it and am trying to sort through it all.
  • COMPLETE level up to Level 3 at Dog-On-It Agility
    • UPDATE: Heidi and I are officially in Level 3 agility! Fall sessions start up soon!
  • NOT STARTED compete with Heidi in 1+ Dog-On-It Agility trial(s)
    • UPDATE: I missed the first and second quarter trials...
  • NOT STARTED complete 5+ projects that have been on-going for (ahem) years (this could be anything from finishing my Australia puzzle, to using up the fabric purchased for making laptop sleeves, to using up some yarn that I've accumulated, to making my running t-shirt quilt, to puppy bandanas that are practically ready to be sewn)
    • UPDATE: Yeah... this one isn't going too swimmingly either... may not happen with the quilt project (see new 2013 resolutions)
  • NOT STARTED compete in 4+ triathlons (can be any distance - will likely compete in the Central Florida Sprint Triathlon Series again)
    • UPDATE: I was trying to relocate and so I missed the first 2 sprint triathlons of the Central Florida Sprint Triathlon Series. I'll miss the 3rd one because I've not trained enough on the bike. I'm aiming to renew my USAT membership and do the final event in the series in September, though. Won't hit the 4+ triathlon mark, though; if I do the one in September, that'll likely be it for triathlons this year.
  • WORKING read 24+ books (this year my number of books read was considerably low - probably a combined result of reading 3 of the Game of Thrones books (each is approximately 1000 pages) and having a rough year
    • UPDATE: I have read 20 books thus far; that means I've met 83% of this resolution. Check out my Good Reads book shelves to see which books I've read (and which I have lined up).
  • NOT STARTED do 3+ pages of scrapbooking (doesn't have to be Heidi's scrapbook; it can be my general scrapbook of life)
    • UPDATE: I need to get on this...
  • WORKING keep one weekend of each month deliberately open so that when that weekend arrives I can do whatever I please with no pressure or obligation; this is to help keep my stress levels in check (I've been consciously not over-busying myself since late October, and I've noticed significant benefits; if the month is truly too busy to do this, 2 free weekends must be set for the following month)
    • UPDATE: I'm so glad about this resolution! I've really come a long way in not making plans for every free slot of time in my life! I enjoy a leisure, uneventful weekend from time to time, and I sprinkle in some plans with friends and what not - but not so much that I stress myself out. It's been great!
  • NOT STARTED go on a fun hiking trip
    • UPDATE: I'm planning to do a trip somewhere in Florida or a surrounding state in the fall when the weather cools off a bit. Will probably knock this out as part of a camping trip.
New 2013 Resolutions

  • WORKING run an endurance race: 2013 Atlanta Half Marathon on Thanksgiving Day w/Mom!

    • UPDATE: Mom and I are each registered! Starting Bart Yasso's The Perfect 10 Half Marathon Training Plan for Seasoned Runners on Wednesday, 21 August 2013! 

  • WORKING sew at least 60 pinwheels for bedspread quilt

    • UPDATE: That's 15 pinwheels/month (15 pinwheels = 1 patterned fabric complete; there are 15 different patterned fabrics). I just need to cut up some of the beige fabric, and I'm ready to start sewing the pinwheels!

  • NOT STARTED learn how to play poker

    • UPDATE: I've recently made a new friend, and said friend wants to teach me how to play poker!

    05 June 2013

    The Quilt

    Now that I have completed my Master's degree, I have all of this glorious free time. So. I have decided to make myself a great, big, king-size, quilted bedspread. It's going to be 120" x 120", which translates to fifteen 8" blocks by fifteen 8" blocks. It's a pinwheel pattern called Modern Pinwheels from Quilty magazine.

    Since this is such an undertaking, I thought it would be worth logging the activity. Plus I'm sure folks will ask how long it took me, and this way I'll be able to actually answer.

    Here is the log so far:

    Date Number of Hours Running Total of Hours Description
    25 May 1.0 1.0 pick pattern
    28 May 1.0 2.0 convert twin-size pattern to king-size
    1 June 3.5 5.5 choose fabric, figure yardage, purchase fabric
    1-2 June 2.5 8.0 wash and dry fabric
    2-3 June 6.5 14.5 trim and iron fabric
    4 June 0.75 15.25 cut 15 blocks' worth of one pattern fabric

    I'm also keeping track of how much money I've invested in this project:

    $31.23 - King-size cotton batting
    $133.58 - patterned and cream fabric for the pinwheel blocks
    $164.81 - total to date

    And, of course, a few photos:

    patterned fabric - pre-cut

    patterned fabric - cut & purchased 

    considering this fabric for the entire back of the quilt

    patterned fabric - washed, dried, trimmed, and ironed

    cut pieces for one patterned fabric's 15 pinwheel blocks

    13 March 2013

    Wicked & Jenny's Birthday

    Last weekend I had the pleasure of seeing Wicked with some friends from the book club! Everyone really enjoyed the hit musical. In case you're wondering, the tickets were worth the $88 we paid - a must see performance, especially if you are a Wizard of Oz (film and/or novel), Wicked (novel), or The Great and Powerful Oz (film) fan. I didn't have a favorite part of the show, but the lady who played Elphaba was phenomenal - spot on. She had a set of pipes and could really belt out her songs. I also really enjoyed the references to the film.

    Book Club after seeing Wicked
    Afterwards some of us went downtown to celebrate Jenny's birthday. I brought cheese cake and red velvet cake, and we hopped around to a few bars. Jenny was feeling it the next morning, haha, but that only means she had a blast!

    Birthday Girl, Jenny, & I