14 March 2010

Girls' Night Out

Last night I went out with some girlfriends: Casey & Heather. We were meant to be a quartet but Jessica was unable to make it out (next time...). We had a good night out, though! We started at Ember, batted eyes at some good-looking Marines, checked out a new lounge called The Rok Room, stopped by Eye Spy, then we went to hang out at Independent Bar. Last night was my first time to I-Bar, and I really liked it, even thought the music is so obscure (even to me) and difficult to dance to. The people-watching is excellent, though. After a drink and meeting a couple of guys, including Tall Guy and I-Have-A-Four-Year-Old, it was off to The Lodge. We always meet interesting folks there (Mullet Man, Puppy Dog and Indian, etc.)! After a while there we went back to I-Bar to finish the night. This time around we met some goofy guys who were in town for a comic book convention. They had on some fun hats (one was a chicken, the other was a penguin), and entertained us the rest of the evening.

I wish Jessica could have made it out, but it's all the more reason to have another girls' night again soon!



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