01 March 2010


This was the book for December, if I'm not mistaken. It happened to be the second Chuck Palahniuk book I've read; the first being "Fight Club," which I very much enjoyed.

I think I liked most everything about "Survivor." It was a hilarious satire about commercialization, sneaky human ways, marketing, celebrity - the list goes on.

One of the funniest things was that I didn't connect the dots that a character named Fertility was sterile! It's funny because she earned her living by sleeping with the men of couples who desired children but could not create their own. Sickening to think of them actually sleeping together instead of artificial insemination, but so funny and wrong that she knew all along that she was sterile, too. Talk about a scam. Anyway, I didn't put it together that her name was Fertility until half way through the book club discussion! It's little things like that which Chuck did so well and so subtly.

Chuck also does a fine job of painting hilarious scenes. My favorite is the bathroom stall scene with the gun and lips on either side of Tender, haha. Another would be when Tender and his brother return to their church/hometown as adults; it has since been turned into a dump site for porn.

I really loved this book. I recommend it to Chuck fans and those who want to snicker at how the world has developed commercially.

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