01 March 2011

Resolution Check - Feb 2/2

Status report:

Spend less time surfing Facebook - used less in the last 2 weeks. Have only been using to share photos and for events purposes.
Pay of a significant chunk of my student loans - roommate rent money has been amazingly helpful here! I submitted for my tax return, too! Can hardly wait for that to arrive!
Run 525 miles by Saturday, 31 December 2011: 404 miles to go! Also, I got a new PR (personal record) on my 5K time at the SOAR to the Finish 5K last Saturday! I dropped from 25'52" to 23'40"! I earned 2nd female overall and first in my age group! I'm thrilled!

Earn B or better in all my PSU master's courses (2 this semester, 2 over the summer, and another 1-2 in the fall): got 20/25 on my first homework for 552; got an 85% on my post-test in 411! Still missing several assignment grades, but feeling much better about my comprehension for 552, and ready to work the next chunk of exercises in 411.

Read the Bible (or at least several books of it; will be difficult with all the master's work): no status change: I had time to read, but it all went to finishing the book for Sunday's book club. I need to get Bible reading time into iCal or else this goal just isn't going to happen.
Catch up and keep up with my scrapbook for Heidi (I'm behind by about 12 months, heh): I've chosen photos to print; planning to order them today after work. I've also separated out supplies that I'll use for the pages, and I've inserted several sleeves of pages into the book itself (an onerous task).
Hope you're reaching your goals this year, too!