01 March 2010

Ender's Game

One of my best college friends, Jordan, recommended this book to me. After reading the story and getting to know Ender, the main character, I could see why Jordan enjoyed the book so much: he and Ender think JUST ALIKE! It was almost creepy as I found myself constantly thinking of how much the two are the same. That was probably what I liked most about the read; it was a way to get to know Jordan that much more.

The story Card paints is wild, though. In the future child geniuses are bred to lead the military. There's a GREAT twist at the end of the book, which I didn't quite see coming, so that was fun. The characters are developed to maturity, and it was fun to read about the battles at Ender's school. I, myself, could identify with Ender in several ways. He is more mature that others his own age; story of my life.

Good book. Recommended to techies and military junkies who don't mind reading a children's book.

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