16 March 2010

Puppy Snacknic & Class

Today Heidi and I relaxed outside by the pond while I was home on my lunch break. I laid out a blanket and read while she mowed down on her beef rib bone. We each had a snack, so I am henceforth calling the activity a "snacknic." The weather couldn't have been more agreeable.

Tonight Heidi and I had Puppy Class 4/8. Before the class started Whitney caught me up on what I'd missed from Puppy Class 3/8 that I had to miss. Our make-up work: the "down" command. This week we learned a lot about walking on the leash. I learned that I needed to invest in a Martingale collar, and so I did. It's hot pink so now people shouldn't be so confused as to Heidi is male or female. Here is a photo of Heidi playing with Molly:

I didn't get a photo with or of Valerie yet, but this is her pup, Dakota (American Bull Dog/Boxer mix):

I love puppy class with Heidi! I learn so much, and so does she! Once again she was the quickest learner in the class. Plus I'm getting to know Hope and Valerie, the three of us are making friends. We exchanged contact information tonight, and I'll be setting up a puppy play date soon!

Time to hit the gym and do some reading!



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