28 February 2010

Paws in the Park

Another belated blog post. Please forgive me! Here it is:

From the Lockheed Martin article:

"With biting wind, overcast skies, and temperatures hovering around 40, Saturday, February 13 went to the dogs…literally! The spirit of the 16th annual Paws in the Park Pet Walk at Lake Eola Park in downtown Orlando was not shuttered by the wind or cold temperatures. Over 2000 people turned out for the event to raise money for the Central Florida SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

The 45+ person Mutts on a Mission team comprised of Lockheed Martin employees from STS and MFC and their family members (furry and not) raised over $9,000, putting the “pack” in the third highest fundraising team. The entire event raised more than $160,000."

Kurt Bouwman with Cassie and Julie Bolyard display the Lockheed Martin banner during the Paws in the Park fundraiser. The Mutts on a Mission “pack” included over 45 Lockheed Martin employees and their family members.

LM Mutts on a Mission group shot

First of all, thank you to everyone who sponsored me and Heidi to participate! We thoroughly enjoyed it and are happy you joined us in helping the animals in the central Florida area through this event!

My friend, Matt, joined me and Heidi for the walk, and it was a ton of fun! When me and Heidi first arrived she was very shy and huddled around my legs at the sight and sound of so many other dogs, many of them larger than her. I had parked on the far side of the lake from where the LM group was meeting, so I had to go .3 miles with Heidi, and it would have taken ages had I not decided to just carry her!

Matt arrived just in time for the group photo and for the walk to being. Heidi did wonderfully after the photo! She observed the other dogs, then all she wanted to do was play! This walk banished her fear of the larger dogs, and she got some great puppy socialization! Everyone thought she was super cute, and, of course, she is! I thought she'd tire out and force me to carry her after walking half way around the lake, but she was full of energy and didn't pass out until we returned to the car! I'm so proud of my Heidi Jo!

Here are some more photos from the walk:

Heidi and an adult German Shepherd

Heidi conked out on the ride home after the morning's excitement

Matt, Heidi & I with a German Shepherd and their owner

Matt walking Heidi

Heidi & I

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