03 August 2010

I Hope I Survive August

I hope I survive August. Many of you who know me know that I keep busy, but that is normal for this girl. No big deal. To give you a feel of how busy August will be: August is so busy it seems overwhelming even to me!

As of today, here is what I have going on this month:
  • Reading:
    • Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (11 August 2010)
    • The Hunger Games (July 2010)
    • Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone (dropped)
  • Knitting Night with girl-friends (tonight!)
  • Turkish Dinner at Bosphorus Lounge with book club friends (this Friday!) (moved to September)
  • Sand Volleyball and Cookout at Matt's (this Saturday!)
  • 5th Annual Moss Park 5K (this Saturday, but I'm thinking of skipping this since I've not been training... kind of forgot about this race...) (skipped)
  • Eat Pray Love movie night with girl-friends (13 August 2010)
  • Heather's Birthday Party (21 August 2010)
  • Homeless Children's Birthday Party with Jessica and her volunteer group (have to work instead)
  • Lockheed Martin ISLDP Leadership Development Conference I (I will be in Lansdowne, VA from 16-20 August)
  • The August Book Club (for The Hunger Games)
  • Kristin visits for a long weekend! (we're super excited to experience The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, a girls' night in and a night downtown!)
  • Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring movie night (10 August 2010)
  • My class(es) for Penn State begin (23 August 2010)
  • Church with Kayelee & Chelsea on Sundays (22 August 2010)
  • Brunch with Kayelee & Chelsea to discuss our upcoming Bible study group! (22 August 2010)
Shew! It was tiring just blogging all of that!

Can you believe that in addition to all of that I am working on putting together a karaoke night with the book club and also a Euchre/Spaghetti Pitch-in night! Those things may have to wait until September rolls around. Oh! And I want to get over to Melbourne. I am itching to visit friends, Aunt Joan and the beach!

Anyway, I hope your August is off to a great start!

Poodle Contest

Another email from my awesome Grandma: video of a poodle contest. My favorites are the Panda, the Dragon, the Bison and the Steeler's Football Player! Do you think Heidi would let me dye her coat blue for the Colts?

02 August 2010

Chucky is a Sailor

Daddy, Chucky, Mom & Sam
Over the weekend my brother, Chucky, graduated Navy BASIC and is now a Navy Sailor! He is our family's second generation Sailor. We're all quite proud of him! Although, I am really sulky that I wasn't able to join the family for the ceremony and weekend visit. As I looked through the photos I almost started crying. Anyway, Chucky leaves for NAVY Pre-BUDS next week. I can't wait to recieve another letter from him! Congratulations, Chuggy!

My beautiful parents

Grandma & Grandpa with the boys

01 August 2010

August Stuff

Oh, my goodness! August is here! Here are a few special days in August that may be of interest to you:

4 August - Mustard Day
16 August - Tell a Joke Day
18 August - Bad Poetry Day
21 August - International Homeless Animal's Day
26 August - National Dog Day
30 August - Toasted Marshmallow Day

I intend to celebrate Mustard Day by making homemade mustard potato salad, and for Toasted Marshmallow Day I'm going to see if someone with a fire pit wants to have me over for s'mores! As for National Dog Day, you know I'll be doing something fun with Heidi that day!

August is also the host of the following:

Family Fun Month
Admit You're Happy Month
Inventor's Month

My family is far, far away, and beginning to be spread out, so if you're near your family, please do spend some time with them!

Happy August!