26 March 2010

Lipstick Jungle

I picked this book up when I was home for Christmas Break. I believe I had a really good coupon to use that I simply couldn't refuse. I haven't read a chick flick in a good while, and this book spoke to me with its powerful women and Sex & the City vibe. (If you didn't know, Candace Bushnell is the author of Sex & the City; the TV show was based on this novel. Hence the SATC vibes in Lipstick Jungle, judging by the description on the back of the book and the first chapter.)

I'm reading this book the week of my Spring Break. I read a few; sounds like it will make for a great, light, easy, beach read. Perfect! I'll edit with my review after I return from St. Pete!

I finished this book the other night. Not too much to say, given that it is a light, easy read. I wouldn't say it was tremendously fun. The characters created their own problems, which could have easily been avoided had they made the right choices. It wasn't awful, but the moral compasses on these ladies, in their love lives, was out of whack. In the business world they were spot on in a moral sense, which I admired. They were all powerful women who worked hard to achieve their career goals; which is why I was able to relate to the story. It was interesting to see the role-reversals play out, especially in Wendy's case, with respect to who the family bread-winner happens to be. I learned about what it's like for women to be the "man of the house" from this book.

So, overall, okay book. Quick, beachy read: yes. Moving: not really.


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