12 March 2010

Heidi Lost a Tooth

Heidi lost her first baby tooth today! Or, at least, I noticed the first one missing. There's a tiny nub in the center of her bottom row; she lost the one that was to the right. See the little void of white? It was very difficult to get these photos, haha, and it is never easy to capture white on film with flash.

Here you can better see the little indentation where the tooth used to be. I haven't found it around the floors, so I'd bet she ate the thing. They do that, puppies.

After an ordeal with taking several photos where she jerked her head and bit my hands entirely too much, all of which resulted in her being out of the camera's view or blurry, we just sat for a moment. She's just letting it all hang out. Notice the hugging Mommy-action. = )


Amanda & Heidi

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