23 March 2010

Puppy Class: Week 5

Heidi update! I can hardly believe I've been a puppy momma for 2 months! At the age of 17 weeks, Heidi now weighs 30.1 pounds! I'm putting together a growth chart so we can visually see how she's been growing. I hope to have that by next week's update.

Since my last update nothing too much has broken the mold. We take our long walks, she earns her treats when we work on commands, she still tries to tackle poor Ashes, and she's still cute as a button! Oh, one thing that has happened that is kind of out of the norm: she occasionally finds shells near the pond. I know some of the neighborhood boys fish oysters and their shells out of the pond from time to time, and I think they leave the shells, after they've been pried open?, laying around. Well, Miss Heidi finds them and, of course, proceeds to try chomping down on them. At first I think she's gotten a pebble or that she's chewing on a loose tooth, but a couple times I've fished out half-shells that get stuck in the back of her jaw! Silly girl.

On the way to class Heidi sported the puppy seat belt that Great-Grandma sent down for her. I have no idea how it works, but she was pretty well held in place here (Grandma, you'll have to educate me on how that thing works, haha!):

At puppy class this week we worked on "come," "stay" and "high five/shake/paw!" I've been working with Heidi on the first two commands for a little over a month now, so they were nothing new to her. Whitney, the trainer, is having us emphasize the core elements of the "come" command, so I've done away with having Heidi "sit" after she comes up to me.

I'll circle back to the third command in a moment.

Here is a photo of Heidi and Mazda, her boy-friend! He is a Red-Nosed Pit Bull, but Heidi can take him, hehe! Actually, Mazda was the star of the class this week because he has "high five" down pat!

Going back to the third command, "high five/shake/paw," here is Whitney teaching me how to teach Heidi the trick! She was quick to learn. Anything for a treat!

Here's a photo of me and Heid Jo. Look how big she's getting! I won't be able to hold her on my lap too much longer.

In other news, I'm SUPER excited for this weekend because my family arrives in Orlando for spring break festivities! My parents cannot wait to be grandparents towards Heidi! Miss Heidi won't know what to do with the full house and so much love and attention!


Amanda & Heidi

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