25 March 2010

Left Behind: Book I

I read this book at the end of 2009, almost exactly a year after I made the decision to live for God. From everyone I knew who had read the book it was recommended that I read it. My Dad listened to the entire series on audio (he drives a lot for his job), and he, too, recommended I read the book. I trust my dad, and I am totally interested to read or listen to anything he recommends.

So I read it, but somewhat hesitantly at first. I didn't want to read a hokey, zealous, "be saved or be damned," preachy book, let alone the series. Turns out, the story doesn't read that way at all. The plot is quite engaging, really, and, for me and my beliefs, totally realistic. It's horrific, actually. It took me the first half of the book to get fully captivated. By the end of the book I was looking forward to seeing what happened next in the second book.

I need to read the Book of Revelation. The Left Behind series is based on the Book of Revelation.

I enjoy how all the main characters' lives become intertwined with one another as the story develops. They have depth and emotion. The book really drew me in as I read. It's one of those books where you feel you really know the characters. That's something that makes it a good book, if you ask me.

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