12 March 2010

Heidi - Week 6

Hello, faithful readers!

This has been a ridiculously busy week for me! Non-stop until just now. I've had something going on every evening of the work week so far, and so I've not had much energy to snap photos of Heidi. We have been extending the lengths of our daily walks, though. She loves romping around outside and playing around the pond.

I had an appointment on the other side of Orlando Tuesday evening and had to miss our puppy class this week. I was really bummed, but I will reschedule a make-up class.

All week Heidi's potty training has been at B status. She's been doing really well all week except last night. I kid you not, she peed in her crate FOUR times last night. She's never peed twice in her crate in one night, so I've no idea what that was about, but today she's not had any problems. Let's hope she keeps up the good behavior!

Wednesday I had some book club guests over to watch a book-to-movie, Children of Men. Heidi was well behaved and was gracious enough to let us enjoy the movie without any raucous. Everyone who'd met her shortly after I first got her said how BIG she's grown!

I'm starting to notice a lot of color and texture changes in her coat. Her shoulders and legs are starting to turn from black to the tan, slowly but surely. On the top of her back the fur is becoming silky-like and not so fuzzy. Her ears are still adorable and totally floppy when she trots! Last I weighed her, on Monday, she was 25 pounds. According to my German Shepherd Dog puppy growth chart she is a little behind: by four months she should weigh 36 pounds; right now she is 15.5 weeks old. However, the vet says she's a healthy pup, and Heidi is always energetic and happy, so I'm not worried too much about that.

Here's a photo of Heidi mowing down on a stick. It looks like she has a cigar, haha!


Amanda & Heidi

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ambennett86 said...

Forgot to mention Heidi's eye infection. Sunday & Monday she developed what can be considered "puppy pink eye." I took her to the vet Tuesday morning and am treating her eye twice a day with an ointment until next Tuesday. We have a vet check just before puppy class to make sure her eye infection is all healed up. After only one day of treatment it cleared up significantly. = )