23 April 2011

Challenge Update

As of yesterday:

Day 1 - ran 23 minutes
Day 2 - got caught up in homework and didn't do yoga
Day 3 - ran 20 minutes
Day 4 - 30 minutes of yoga
Day 5 - ran for 23 minutes
Day 6 - 30 minutes of yoga

Success Rate: 83% (5/6)

22 April 2011

Where I'm Going to Work in May

I found some information and several photos of the Lockheed Martin facility in Deer Creek where I'll begin working come late May. I've heard the facility and surrounding areas are just beautiful. Judging by these photos, I'd say they weren't kidding. I'm excited!

That said, here's a scenic shot of the facility. It's nested into the face of a red rock formation. I have a feeling these photos don't really do it justice.

Here is a bit of information I found about the design of the facility:

And here are some photos I snagged from Burkett Design's website (the place looks pretty spiffy!):

That's all for now. Cheers!


20 April 2011

Packed: Winter & Non-Favorite Clothes

More packing was completed yesterday, as you can see in the photo below. Things that got packed up include winter clothes and clothes I don't wear very often (read: the non-favorites). Yes, that's a hula hoop. I may start on packing up books or those rascally under-the-kitchen-sink items that I keep putting off. Or I might take the night off from packing altogether. I like that idea.

Elise is moving out this Sunday, early in the morning. I'm really sad to see her depart so much earlier than originally planned, but it makes the most sense for her golf tour and such. The upside is that I'll have an empty bedroom in which to store all my packed belongings. That'll be nice so they're out of the way for a couple more evenings when I entertain guests in my home. Plus, it'll keep the rest of my apartment from being cluttered up like it is now.

Challenge Update:

Day 1 - ran 23 minutes
Day 2 - got caught up in homework and didn't do yoga
Day 3 - ran 20 minutes
Day 4 -35 minutes of yoga

Success Rate: 75% (3/4)

18 April 2011

Storage Closet Packed

Tonight I continued packing. The focus was to clear out my storage closet. It was fairly easy since most things I kept in there were already boxed or packaged in some fashion. I had to pack up some odds and ends, of course. All that remains in the closet are big boxes that I'll use later (i.e., TV box, BluRay player box) and storage tubs I've yet to put to use. I had actually forgotten I had so many! I may have all the packing supplies I need. Maybe; this seems like one of those things that is underestimated. I have access to more boxes at work if need be, though.

Here is what my packing corner looked like as of yesterday:

Here is what it looks as of today:

Now that Heidi has matured quite a bit and doesn't chew much, I thought I'd let her have her big bed back:

And Ashes won't lift a paw to help with the packing. He's just all sulky because I'm cramping his style. Such a cranky-looking kitty. You'd hardly believe that he snuggled with me this evening when I took a nap.

Tomorrow's packing involves the cleaning agents and other assorted items found under the kitchen sink and in the utility room. Also, infrequently used items from my bathroom closet and whatnot. Maybe I'll pack up some winter-weather clothes, too.

In slightly related news, I've decided to challenge myself again like I did back in October. But this time, instead of running every day in the month, I'm going to either run or do yoga (alternating every other day) between yesterday and 17 May, the day I get my moving truck. That's 30 days. This little challnege should help keep the moving stress levels low. And with that, I'm going to do some yoga!



17 April 2011

Palm Trees for Mountains

If you haven't heard the news yet, I'm moving to Denver in T-minus 31 days. I'm trading in the palm trees for the mountains.

I will certainly miss Orlando. Florida has grown on me so much. I have enjoyed the easy access to the beach, rooting myself for a time, starting the book club and making so many friends.

But I've always wanted to live in Colorado, and now is the right time for me to make the move. I love mountains - the hiking, the camping, the skiing. I can hardly wait for the the weather. I'm good on the sweltering, sticky summers and am craving a real winter. Did you know that Denver has more sunny days per year than Orlando? Mhmm!

I have a base of friends in Denver already (some from Purdue, some who've moved from Orlando to Denver and some from work), so that'll be nice. I am excited to move to a more dog-friendly and outdoorsy area!

Yes, I'm still going to be working for Lockheed Martin. I've been getting that one a lot.

I'm super excited that my dad is able to help me with the move. My grandpa might be helping, too! I'm so lucky to have them!

I started packing today. Ya gotta start on that early to keep the stress levels low.

That's all for now. Check back soon!



13 April 2011

Resolution Check - Apr 2/2

Goodness! Can you believe it's nearly halfway through April already?! Anyway, here's my resolution check for mid-April.

Spend less time surfing Facebook - not used much outside of RSVPing to events I'm invited to and posting photos of Miss Heidi and Mr. Ashes, and a few other odds and ends photos. Doing pretty good here.

Pay of a significant chunk of my student loans - used my tax return wisely! The extra money for rent from Elise is still amazing. Most of my student loans have gone into deferment since I'm a student again, so that's a financial weight off my back for the time being; it's allowing me to focus on hacking away at some of my consumer debt. Oh, and I paid off a loan earlier this month! I was going to pay off another one but I'm putting that money towards my move next month.

Run 525 miles by Saturday, 31 December 2011: not sure how it went up since last time I wrote a Resolution Check blog, but I'm calculating that I have 408 miles to go to have run 525 miles by the end of this year. I have only ran twice this month... been adding in some yoga but dropped off on the running. Tomorrow is the Corporate 5K; I'm planning to use the event as a kick-start to my running. I'm going to need to make sure I keep working out regularly (maybe alternate running and yoga every-other-day) to keep stress levels low through the end of the academic semester and moving process.
Earn B or better in all my PSU master's courses (2 this semester, 2 over the summer, and another 1-2 in the fall): doing great in my database knowledge and management course. Am playing catch-up in my Java class, but I'm still hanging in there.
Read the Bible (or at least several books of it; will be difficult with all the master's work): no status change. Ugh, I just haven't been making this a priority with school and the move coming up. Maybe I'll start on this after I get to Denver or after the academic semester completes?

Catch up and keep up with my scrapbook for Heidi (I'm behind by about 12 months, heh): no change in status. I have time blocked off this weekend to sit down and enjoy some scrapbooking for my baby girl, though. Unless something major pops up, I should get to this.

Hope you're reaching your goals this year, too!