05 March 2010

5 Weeks with Heidi

Wow! I can hardly believe I've had Heidi in my life for 5 weeks! My, how time flies when one is enjoying life! Here are some some week-by-week notes I've taken, as well as some favorite photos of me and Heidi so far. Do enjoy and leave a comment!

31 January 2010 - 9.5 weeks old - 7.8 pounds
---I picked Heidi up from von Lotta Kennels in Atlanta, Georgia
---First bath
---First visit to the vet; great health minus a minor ear infection

7 February 2010 - 10.5 weeks old - 12.8 pounds
---SPCA of Central Florida Paws in the Park walk downtown at Lake Eola with the Lockheed Martin "Mutts on a Mission" team and Matt
---Command "sit" learned
---Command "stay" learned

14 February 2010 - 11.5 weeks old - 16.0 pounds
---Puppy Valentine's Day Party at Joel's house
---Command "come" learned (includes sitting when she's directly in front of me
---Second visit to the vet; perfect health

21 February 2010 - 12.5 weeks old - 18.1 pounds
---Stayed with Beth, Karli & Richard and their dog, Maggie, for a weekend while I was in Indiana
---Learning to play fetch with toys
---Lost a lot of her coat's fuzziness
---Started barking for fun
---Ate two small asphalt pebbles and freaked me out a little; everything came out okay!
---Biting my ankles a little less
---Ears are starting to stand up!
---Comfortable on a leash
---Learned to go up and down slatted stairways
---First week of puppy classes

28 February 2010 - 13.5 weeks old - 22.3 pounds
---Command "watch me" learned
---Potty training going very well, finally!
---First good brushing
---First time to have nails clipped
---Even less ankle biting!
---Well-coordinated with the slatted stairways

I'm going to make it a weekly thing to post the latest on Heidi. My Facebook photos include the latest of Heidi. I'm working on the latest videos. Next big thing: I'm getting very excited for Heidi to meet my family when they visit for Spring Break!

I love you, Heidi!!!



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