25 October 2012

Training Update

Thoughts on Training:

These last several weeks I've been really digging into training for my first full marathon. I have been studying Jeff Galloway's marathon attack method (walk a minute per mile on the long runs and during the race), and it is working for me. I am not at all struggling with the mileage, which is getting up there: this weekend I'm slated to crank out 18 miles. That will be 3 more miles further than my farthest distance ran in one session, which would be last week's 15 miles. Although I'm considering just doing 15 since I've been ramping my mileage up each weekend for several weeks. I could use a week off from incrementing mileage.

I know, you're thinking, "Jesus! 15 miles?! How on earth?!" My response: dedication, consistency, and time management skills are the only tools required. I honestly believe anyone can do this heavy training if they really want to do so.

And then you're thinking, "Well, wasn't running 15 miles just awful?" My response: actually, no! In fact, last weekend's 15 miles were significantly better than the previous weekend's 12 miles. (The 12 miler had better company, but the 15 miler was physically much better because I got sufficient rest, ate something beforehand (duh), and the weather was more kind.)

And for those who think running is the worst, let me just say that I used to be right there with you. As a competitive swimmer for 7 years, running did not come to me easily. Not at all. I loathed running, but when I joined the cross country team in my senior year of high school it led me to triathlon in college, and that was when I started to realize how wonderful running can be. It squeezes into our busy schedules easily, it is one of the best ways to improve and maintain overall health, there are ample events to participate in, and the running community is one of the best there is.

Below you can see what races I have lined up. Clearly I've switched from sprint triathlon mode to long-distance running mode. I've also provided three of my Pinterest boards that you might enjoy.

Happy running!

Upcoming Races:
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18 October 2012

C4L Thank You

On Sunday, 7 October 2012 I biked 30 miles for the 2nd Annual Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Cycle for Life Ride. It was very rewarding to have raised funds towards curing Cystic Fibrosis and to have taken part in the fun ride. (Click here to view my original post for this ride and the fund-raising.)

First of all, a huge THANK YOU to all who donated to the cause. Together we raised $53,000! Your support is truly appreciated, and goes towards ending Cystic Fibrosis. = ) Thank you.

Looking back, it was really one of the best events I've ever participated in: the weather couldn't have been more perfect, the ride was administered with efficiency and friendliness, I was one of the first females to finish (second, I believe), I got to ride with folks from Orange Cycle (my most favorite bike shop ever) at two different points, and I received a massage and Tijuana Flats taco afterwards! The only downer of the day was that my bike computer's sensor wasn't working. Good thing I captured the ride with Strava!


Here I am before the start of the ride. Look at that pretty sun shining through!


My favorite aspects of the ride:

(1) Riding in a pack. This was my first event where it was strictly cycling. It was a lot of fun to ride in a pack and draft and get used to biking in close proximity to other bikers.

(2) Drafting and pulling with a girl from Orange Cycle. Towards the end of the ride I caught up to a friendly girl from Orange Cycle. I could tell that we were on the same level of effort, so I asked if I could hop on her wheel (draft). She was cool with that, so I recovered from the exertion of catching up to her. Shortly after that I offered to pull; by then we were closing in on the finish. We pushed hard and it was a great pull. We finished the race together, and I think we were the first females to finish. Here is a picture of me and Orange Cycle Girl (sorry that she's in my shadow...):


Here is a shot of me enjoying some Gatorade on my second pass by the fuel station (approximately 20 miles into the ride). Volunteers from a nearby church donated baked goods, energy snacks, and drinks and manned this station. They were all cheering us on and very nice. = )

For more fun photos from the ride, click here to view the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Cycle for Life's Facebook photo album.