13 March 2010

Poor Yoga Mat

Last night while I was in the shower I was keeping Heidi in the kitchen. I have it barred off on one side of the island with a gate. On the other side I am improvising with her large dog travel crate, wedged in place with a rolled-up yoga mat that happens to be my mom's. Well, Mom, I'm sorry about this, but the mat is all chewed up on the edges. You can thank Heidi when you see her in a few weeks. = P

There were bits of blue all over the kitchen floor. Plus she had drug in some mulch for some added variety.

I suppose it could have been worse. She was havin chewing g a ball chewing and hopping on the yoga mat. Plus the mat still serves the purpose I set for it as a wedge to keep the crate in place so Heidi cannot escape the kitchen. I'm sure there will be more chewing catastrophes to come. She is a puppy, after all.

Anyway, I have an errand this morning, and then I'm going to take Heidi on an afternoon walk over to the Waterford Lakes Town Center farmers' market. We're going to swing into PetSmart, too, for some puppy treats.



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