26 March 2010

The Children of Men

This was the book for February's book club, suggested by Joey.

I saw the movie version back in 2006 or so. I remember the movie being very grey and dark, filmed in a choppy manner. I also remember having no idea what was going on in the storyline. Lastly, I hated the ending.

This book-movie relationship is one where I feel the book was phenomenally better than the movie. Although, after re-watching the movie (after having read the book), I did like the movie exponentially more than I did originally.

The movie's storyline was fairly different from that of the book. Some things were still there, like names of people, but other things were not really expanded upon but rather only mentioned (i.e., the Quietus). I thought it was dumb how early on Julianne Moore's character was finished in the movie. In the book her character is the most important human on Earth.

PD paints a very exquisite picture of what life without a human child being born for a couple decades would be like: playgrounds are demolished as they are sad reminders, women cart around dolls to satisfy their maternal needs, the last generation feels no need to be alive. Mostly it's a very depressing outlook, but realistic all the same.

I found the first two thirds of the book to be on the slower side. It was interesting but not gripping. Necessary but not fun (lots of background and story building going on). The last third is where it all happens: the main characters are on the run from the government, the big secret is popped, and some romantic drama ensues. Plus, the ending was done well.

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In retrospect I will say that it was refreshing to have "Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs" by Chuck Klosterman as the book for March after such a number of dystopian novels, haha! I do love dystopian novels, but goodness - fresh air, please!


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