13 March 2010

WLTC Markets w/Heidi

This afternoon Heidi and I went on a nice, long walk. We left the apartment complex, crossed the bridge and went to the Waterford Lakes Town Center (WLTC). She loved every minute of it and was very well-behaved; several strangers who pet Heidi commented so! As I write this she is conked out on the kitchen floor. I may even be able to steal a nice little spring nap, myself, if she keeps snoozing.

Once at Waterford we went to PetSmart. I like to go there with her on a weekly basis, in addition to puppy classes on Tuesday, which I missed last week, so we were due for a stop at the pet shop. Heidi weighed in at 27 pounds today. Throughout the afternoon I gave her water that I had in my back pack, but it was nice that PetSmart had a water fountain and dog bowls available for use. I picked up a hot pink tennis ball to throw around with Heidi. I almost grabbed a frisbee, too, but she's probably just too young for that. She's still perfecting her coordination in using the stairs, hehe. Someday we'll do the frisbee thing. Anyway, I also picked up some new treats, which she is very keen on, and a smoked beef rib that I bet she'll love.

With these goodies for Heidi we left PetSmart and headed to the WLTC Saturday Markets. I had been only once before but I had unfortunate timing because as I arrived folks were packing up tents. This time Heidi was my good luck charm and we had plenty of time to browse. These markets aren't nearly as big as the downtown ones, but they have just as much charm and character. I brought $5 with me to spend. I bought some beef jerky, some honey sticks (those reminded me of the Indiana State Fair as a girl), and an apple streusel from Classic European Pastries. The folks at the Classic European Pastries were actually from Europe and were very kind. We made friends - they loved Heidi - and they even took a photo for us!

I'm definitely making another afternoon trip back to the WLTC markets with Heidi. Everyone loved her, said she was so cute, so fuzzy, and people even helped work on her commands and rewarding with treats, and just loved on her. What can I say? I'm a proud puppy momma! Plus there were some pound cakes, whole wheat pastas and jams that I want to purchase in the very near future! Yum!

For the walk I used Heidi's strap leash (versus the retractable leash), and she got used to it about half way through the day's adventure. I need to use it more often. For whatever reason, walking her on the strap leash made me really excited to walk her around campsites when I go camping back in Indiana come this May!

On the walk back I could tell Heidi was getting tired as she was slowing and not drawn away from my side or distracted as much. Once back in the apartment complex we pass Jeff's apartment and he stepped outside to say hello. Turns out he had a little present for Miss Heidi! He gave her a really cool Purdue dog collar! It's way too big for her now, but we're sure she'll grow into it. Jeff also gave me a black and gold Purdue shirt. It was very kind of him!

As soon as we walked in the apartment Heidi passed out. I've just written this, and I think I'll take that nap or perhaps read. Maybe do a little of both!

Enjoy your Saturday,


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