01 December 2010

Heidi's First Birthday

The Sunday before last I baked some yummy dog biscuits from scratch and took Heidi to her favorite place, the Waterford Lakes Dog Park, to celebrate her first birthday! She even let me get a photo with her wearing a party hat!

Becky, Bill & Angie celebrated, too! They even gave Heidi a present: a bone with meat filling! Delicious!

Carlos and Pabst wished her a happy birthday, too!

Some fellow Purdue and Colts fans, Chuck and his wife, and their dog, Maggie, had fun with us at her birthday party.

Here's a great shot of the pretty birthday girl!

My friend, Zach, came out for the party! It was so nice to see him after having traveled a lot in the last couple months.

Afterwards Heidi got down to business with the present from Angie!

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Anonymous said...

Awww! Happy Birthday Heidi! Wish we could give her a scratch behind the ears.