15 December 2010

Heidi Update

Lots has been going on for my Miss Heidi. She had a vet visit yesterday that was particularly helpful. The crux of the visit was for her lip sore, which I accurately researched and found to be localized demodex canis mites. Don't fret; it's not contagious. $45 later the vet prescribed a gel to kill off the overly active mites. Did you know that all dogs have mites all over them that live in parasitic bliss? Gross, huh? Reminds me of the hippo and teeny tiny bird team... sort of.

Anyway, got the lip sore sorted out; should be healed up in 2 weeks. The vet also said he wanted to see Heidi pack on 5 pounds in the next 4 weeks. For months she's been holding consistently at 55 pounds. And, trust me, I have been working diligently to get her to eat regularly and consistently. I think she's developed into being a picky eater. Anyway, he recommended adding wet food to her dry food. So far it's worked like a charm. Hopefully this trick stands the test of time. I can already tell she's happier with a full tummy.

As Heidi has hit her 12-month mark, and being a German Shepherd Dog, she's been pushing some of my buttons. It's been a bit stressful being a puppy momma, but it's also one of those things where we're both learning. She's smart and is catching on quickly to what is acceptable and unacceptable. I think I'm going to see how she does outside of the crate this week while I'm at work. She's proven herself to be a good girl around the apartment for the last week and a half.

Saturday I took Heidi to a beautiful, hidden gem in Orlando: the Greenland Urban Wetlands. It's a walking park that used to be a landfill. Heidi was well-behaved, and I was able to let her off the leash for a while. Her, Bella, Mardigan, Gabbie, Carmela and Tito's Beagle had a lovely puppy playdate while Jessica, David, Heather, Chris, Tito, Doug and I got to visit with one another and enjoy cinnamon sugar pita chips! Mmm!

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