01 January 2009

New Year 2009

2009. It's a new year. I hope you all have been enjoying a Happy New Year!

My family, Michelle, Tiffany, Jen & Ben, April & Tyler, David & Carla all rang in the new year at David & Carla's. We had a grand time: Mafia (I still can't lie, haha, but I make a solid sheriff!), snackies (Carla made awesome chicken/lasagna wraps!), booze (wine galore and David made tasty margaritas!), and good old hanging out. We watched bits of Hancock, Tropic Thunder and Cheech and Chong, haha!

Here is a shot of me with Jen & Ben:

I love this one of me and my awesome baby brothers (except I look so short against the two of them!):

And, yours truly, wrapped up in my latest knitting project (catch this: it only took me 5 days to make - and I've been keeping quite busy with post-graduation stuff!):

I am so thankful for 2008. It has been the best year of my life so far, hands down. I studied abroad in Australia, dated a wonderful man whom I have brilliant memories with, grew closer to my family, graduated from college. It was a truly beautiful year.

But now it's time to look forward to 2009 and all it holds. For me it's The Real World, in a nut shell. I will be starting a great job with Lockheed Martin in a month, I'll be moving out of state - permanently - in three weeks. It's kind of weird, having graduated and knowing that I'm about to enter the final phase of "growing up," but it's also quite exciting!

My New Year's Resolution is to keep to my financial plan. It won't be easy to pay off my educational debt, but it will be easier if I stick to a plan. So, this year, it is my goal to whip my wallet into financial fitness!

Aside from the resolution, I'm excited to start up in Orlando! I'm familiar with the area, I'll have a best friend, Jared, who lives an hour away, and I'm going to get really involved. I'll be getting involved through finding and settling on a church to attend in the area. In addition, I'm hoping to find a runners club, maybe a yoga studio, or a photography club - maybe all three!

I hope 2009 brings you great joy!


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ingle bingle said...

Geez, I'm in a commenting corner today ;)
1st, Cheech & Chong!!! Haha, me and my host parents watched those movies my last night in Oregon, 'cause it had been on our to do-list that we never really made it through. That was the same night we went through all that stuff at Blockbusters to get me a membership card without the social security number, think I might have told you about that, lol ;)

2nd, Mafia!!! Ah, memories memories... Wasn't it Rich that always died first, and Iain wanted so bad to be the story teller? You were both great, lol.

3rd, can't wait to hear about Orlando and how you'll be doing settling down there :) Good luck :)