07 January 2009

Defining December

Define: to state meaning and identify essential qualities.

December 2008 was a very critical month in my life. It was the hardest month, no doubt. The long story made short: I broke up with the man I loved for God. Still, there were many other things happening in December, and it is of those things I will write.

I was asked to be in some photos for a women initiative lead by Alka Harriger. The program is called SPIRIT, and I'm excited to see its efforts results in C&IT at Purdue.

Adam and I celebrated Ed's birthday and saw the Nutcracker together. It was a beautiful ballet performance.

Late on 6 December I broke up with Adam, and our lives were drastically altered from where we thought they were heading.

Dead Week at Purdue had never been so true to its name. I managed, and busied myself with my forensic research paper due at the end of the week, which I received a high mark for. Through the week I met with several students bound for Australia come the spring semester. It was really fun to chat about Australia after having not so much for several months. I wish them all the best! I ended up moving home to Anderson at the end of Dead Week.

Sam did really well at the Pendleton 6-Way wrestling meet. I taught my grandma, brother, dad and mom how to play backgammon that weekend. During the same weekend my family celebrated my great-grandmother's 88th birthday. She seems to be enjoying her new living arrangements at Crown Pointe.

Mom and I spent a lot of time shopping up until Christmas. It was a nice way to spend time with her before my two finals. Mid-week of Finals Week I went up and stayed with Alex. Adam and I met up and had a lovely dinner at La Scala, then we hung out with Alex and Feras. The next evening Alex and I went to Vienna to see a Chicago photo exhibition of a friend of his, played backgammon and enjoyed some tea. The following day Alex, Feras and I caught the Colts' game at Hunter's Pub - I really like that bar. Friday I had lunch with Toni, and we had really great conversation. I'm going to miss Toni! That afternoon I met up with Roy for tea. It was so nice to catch up with him; it had been a couple of years. That night I met up with some friends to celebrate Christmas. We had lots of junk food and played Robo Rally, which happens to be a very fun, if not nerdy, game!

Over the weekend I celebrated Christmas with my mom's side of the family, the next morning I graduated, took a day off, then went skiing with Chucky, Christmas Eve party at Grandma's, Christmas Day festivities, and Christmas dinner at my Grandma's. That weekend Sam performed very well at the Ben Davis Invitational wrestling meet. He is still undefeated this season! That Sunday was my Open House. Monday Mom and I hit up several post-Christmas deals and made plans for New Year's Eve.

For New Year's Eve we all went to my Uncle David's for drinks, food and family time.

Many thanks to the friends and family who've helped me along through such a hard month. I couldn't have done it without you.


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