19 January 2009

The Big Move

Wednesday I will be embarking on my big move to Florida! I am as packed as I can be, and I'm making the most of my time in Indiana that remains. Tonight I'll finish my first quilted pillow with Mom, and tomorrow morning I'll take care of the last minute packing and meet my cousin, Darin, for lunch in Indy. I hope to catch as much as I can of Obama's inauguration (I'm frustrated that I'll not be able to watch it all live... oh, well). After lunch I'll be heading up to Purdue to visit with friends up there one last time. I'm really looking forward to a stop at The Hookah and Vienna and a bite of Jimmy John's (though they now have JJ's in Orlando, the ones at Purdue will always be special to me). Wednesday I'll pick Chucky up from his last class, and we'll head to Indy to meet up with my folks and Grandpa who will have the Rendezvous and trailer. From there we will all make our way to the Sunshine State! It shouldn't be too bad a trip since we're giving ourselves from Wednesday evening until Friday morning to drive the 18ish hours.

I will miss you dearly, Indiana!!! Take care, and stay warm!


1 comment:

ingle bingle said...

Wow, that is quite a stretch... Since you're probably on the road now, I'm crossing my fingers that everything is going good for you, you are so lucky to have your family drive down with you :)

Can't wait to hear from you and how you're settling in :)

Take care =) Love ya!