15 January 2009

Blik Faves

I was surfing the Web for wall decorating ideas and stumbled across a website called Blik. It is an online store for all sorts of wall decor - I was mostly interested in the stickers:

Something modern with dots:

The birds are a favorite of mine. I think I might do white birds in my master bedroom. They would go nicely with the canvas photo of the Sydney Opera House my parents gave me. I'm thinking that I'll put it in a thick-bordered, white frame.

Some more dots. I'm not sure I'll have a use for them, but they are fun. I'll keep them in mind.

I really like the next two designs. Very classy and vintage. Perhaps the guest room or living room?

These bamboo decals would go perfectly with the guest bedroom decor - it's avocado green an bamboo-themed already!

I have always been a sucker for trees, especially silhouettes of trees such as these. I think I might put some of these decals in the entry way or maybe in the living room?

Let me know if you have insight on other wall decoration ideas! Your thoughts are welcomed.



Jordan said...

0o0o0... Wall decor... I need some of that. White/Beige walls are completely lame and depressing. I'ma be stealin' your ideas... and man-ize them!

ingle bingle said...

Save where you found these for me as well, please dear =) I have all white walls as well, not very imaginative or anything...
Actually, how about I just move over the pond to save myself the postage... ;) hihi