15 January 2009

Book Ends

I'm quite excited to invest in a pair or two of book ends! Obviously I need to sort out my book shelf situation first, but I'm enjoying some online shopping here. = P

After surfing images of book ends I settled upon these six as favorites. Quotation marks are ever so befitting, and these ones have a contemporary look to them; I can see these on a shelf in the living room. I've been getting into chess lately, so I took well to the idea of a knight and castle as book ends. I really like the peacocks! They're pretty and unique and elegant. I could see these in the master bedroom. The a-z book ends are awesome. They are up there with the quotation marks. The Jefferson ones are really fancy; definitely guest room bound. (By the way, my guest room will eventually double as a study.) The ampersands are cool. I've always had a thing for ampersands, but I must admit these are my least favorite. On the contrary, the globe book ends are a favorite. They may clash with a real globe when I get my hands on one of those, though?

Shopping for apartment furnishings is lots of fun!


1 comment:

ingle bingle said...

Ahhh! Love them all! I need some too, but also need bookshelfs as well. When the time comes for me to get around to that, I'll ask you where you found these, so please remember for me :)