13 January 2009

Pondering a Tattoo

Since late high school I've considered what life might be like with a bit of ink. In those several years I've narrowed my tattoo down by a few details:

1. The tattoo will be smaller; no larger than a playing card's width and height.
2. The tattoo will be simple rather than complex and detailed. Maybe just a silhouette.
3. The tattoo will not be in an area that will be exposed in work attire. (Honestly, I'm a little iffy on this one...)

I have been seriously considering a tattoo in the last year. I'm very interested in butterflies and birds. I'll post later with some photos and my critiques.

Here are some tattoo locations I've given thought to:

1. Behind the ear, high on the neck. I really like the idea of having a small tattoo behind my ear, but I don't favor it as the area would often be exposed at work (I usually wear my hair up in a claw clip). I could get used to wearing my hair down. I'm investigating tattoo cover-up, too, although that kind of defeats the purpose in a sense. I'm of the mindset that a tattoo isn't well accepted professionally, though. Hmm... do I want to deal with covering it up for work on a regular basis?

2. If tiny enough, the top inside of my ear. I know, it sounds odd, but I've seen a very classy rose tucked in the high cartilage. See the photo below but imagine a delicate rose instead of those mean teeth.

If I go this route, I would get a flower of sorts, most likely. I'm not sure a bird or butterfly would fit. Probably not.

3. Top of foot, off-center, toward the outside. I hear this is a painful location, but that doesn't bother me. This spot would be easy to cover up when necessary (i.e., at work), and I like my feet, haha (you may have seen a photo of my feet in the sand of the beaches I've traveled to). I really like this place for a tattoo. It's my number one choice right now.

4. Just above the ankle, on the outside. Probably my second choice at the moment because it's out of the way, like the top of the foot. I would have to watch my attire at work, though (hello, socks and nylons?). Eh.

5. Lower belly/hip area. If I knew what kind of stretching child-bearing will bless me with, then I might consider this location more seriously. I like the look of tattoos situated here, but I am certain that with my luck the tattoo would be distorted when the stork arrives.

Well, that was productive: I think I just came to the personal conclusion that if I get a tattoo, then it will be located on the top of my foot. I like that idea.

If you have any criticism on this topic, I'd love to hear from you. It's a big decision for me, and I would appreciate your thoughts.



Devin said...

I've never been a fan of tattoos, but that's more cause I'm a wuss when it comes to pain than actually being against them :P. It seems like you've had plenty of time to think over having one, so I say go for it! I'd agree that avoiding the head area would probably be best so you don't have to worry about hiding it all of the time. I think the foot idea is a good one myself :)

Jordan said...

I'd go with the foot for sure. Something that can be seen when you are wearing sandals in a casual setting and covered up in a formal setting (stupid work). Ahhh life... kinda silly how we have to be different people depending on who we are around, eh?

ingle bingle said...

Oh, I'm so finding it awesome that you want some ink as well :) I've actually been thinking about one behind the ear as well, but my dad'll have to see the ones I have now before I get another one that'll be visible, or he'll freak up the wall for sure...
I like the idea with the foot though, you can hide it and show as you feel like and it's fairly casual and all :) Sara had her on her foot, and that was a really nice spot I think.
Did I tell you about my second? It's on the inside of the ankle, but with the weather her in Viking-country I'll never get to show it off, haha =)