28 January 2009

Settled & Online

This is a quick note to share my appreciation of all of the help I had during the Big Move. Thanks to Mom (Kick Start), Daddy (Omelet), Chuggy (Toot Snapper) and Grandpa (Mr. Snuggles)! I (Goldilocks) couldn't have done it without you!

We arrived on Friday, according to the plan, and the men got all of my stuff up to the third floor while Mom and I situated boxes in their appropriate rooms; we showered up and had "shushi" at Seito - I think everyone enjoyed it, and if not, I know they liked Cold Stone's afterwards! Saturday we took it easy, played some Putt Putt and had Bahama Breeze in lieu of a seafood buffet. Sunday morning the gang left dark and early - I was sad.

So now I'm officially on my own. It's kind of weird. I went half way around the world and that didn't get to me, but this move, it's so different.

I've stocked my pantry and fridge, unpacked everything and have just had my Internet hooked up (yay!). Time for a run, then dinner, and then I think I'm going to catch Twilight at the Regal Cinema. Don't worry, I'll post about the last week's going-on's in more detail and with photos (compliments of Chucky Bucky).


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Tammy said...

You are WELCOME Sweetheart! We were happy to help you with your BIG move. It was bittersweet for me. I am thrilled that you're getting to lead the life I only dreamed of. But sad that you're sooooo far away.

I will keep my chin up until March 12th when I see you again!

Love you!