30 December 2008

Ski Trip

Last Tuesday I had the pleasure of going skiing with Chucky and Nick Bell - I even met up with Jordan! The gear rental ticket allows the holder to switch between skiing and snowboarding free of charge, so I gave snowboarding a go. It is quite different from skiing, but pretty fun, too. I took several spills and one really nasty fall on the caboose, but I'm still kicking around, haha. I was really glad to put my snow pants to use at least once this year, too.

Take a look at these fabulous boys just before we hit the powder:

Jordan and his mom arrived well before I did, and by the time Chucky, Nick and I were just getting started, Jordan and Kim were about to leave. So, Jordan and I didn't get to hang out too much, but we did exchange Christmas gifts! He bought me the second book in the Twilight series (can't wait to see what trouble Bella and Edward get into), and I got him a photo of me pulling a face while he innocently smiled at the camera - HA! (It's become a sort of game between us and Jared, too.) Which is clearly why he got me in the photo below, haha:

After snowboarding for a few hours I decided to get on some skis and actually succeed in a snow sport that day. One of the big slopes was nice and lengthy and allowed for a good deal of speed, that one was my favorite. I got to see what a great snow boarder Chucky is! He's in love with it, haha! He loves it so much he managed to convince me down a black diamond that I certainly made it down (albeit at the pace of a snail for most of it). I'm glad I did it, though - it was empowering! Kind of. More frightening, I guess, haha.

Any way, I had a blast, and I'm really glad I let Chucky talk me into joining him. That evening was the terrible ice storm of 2008 and, lucky for us, Chucky didn't let us leave until 7:45p because by then the temperature had risen above freezing and the roads were much safer.

Here's a great photo of me and Chucky:


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