06 January 2009

Christmas Parties

Just a quick post on the Christmas parties of 2009. It was yet another crazy holiday season, haha. The Saturday before Christmas I celebrated with my mom's extended family. Highlights: everyone was happy with their presents from the White Elephant Exchange, I made Jello (finally; it only took me 3 or 4 years). The next morning was my commencement, Monday I must have been lazy, Tuesday I went skiing/snowboarding with Chucky and Nick, Wednesday I went last-minute-Christmas shopping with my mom and brothers (wild). And that brings me to Christmas Eve.

Grandma had all of the awesome hors dourves, naturally, and my mom made a cute cookie Christmas tree:

Dad had made cute, personalized decks of cards for Ashley and Tori, so we got to visit briefly with them:

Christmas Day was spent with my parents and brothers. We watched It's a Wonderful Life (a favorite part of my holiday), and exchanged gifts.

I got some great shots with my brothers and the Christmas tree:

Christmas Dinner was spent at my Grandparent's house, which means more time with them and more great food! We all had a blast trading presents. I can't wait to try some of the chai tea my aunt made!

Here's a shot of mother dear and me:

So, wudja get? Wudja get? My big Christmas gifts this year were a nice and big jewelry box (which I've managed to fill almost completely) and a sewing machine (quite a surprise)! Here is the jewelry box I got:

And here is the sewing machine I got (Mom's kind of disgruntled that my first sewing machine is so nice, tee hee). I'm excited to learn to sew - Mom is teaching me. We're going to make pillows that match our respective bed sets! I'll be sure to post about it all when we get started on the project.

Everyone had a pleasant Christmas, and I'm thankful for all of the kind and thoughtful gifts. Most of all I enjoyed spending time with my family.


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