12 January 2009

Art, Dreams, Logos, Etc.

I have a section in my web browser bookmarks called "Blog This." The links are basically random but noteworthy in some small way. I've chosen a few links to share with you for some Online Entertainment. (Click the images for the links.)

First up we have Yay Art. I forget how I stumbled on this website, but take a look at what it offers (see the "Shop" tab). They have heaps of modern artwork.

Don't have a Nano iPod to use with a Nike+ running kit, but you do have a GPS-enabled phone? You're in luck. Check out the Wireless Run Tracker from Runner's World magazine online! Check the list of compatible phones before you get too excited.

Ever think about how other people dream? Engadget has an article about folks who were raised watching black and white TV dream in monochrome. Pretty interesting.

Maybe you've pondered the story behind Dreamwork's young boy fishing on the moon. Neatorama did a little research into Hollywood studio logos. Personally, I like the 4th Paramount logo best.

And the last bit of Online Entertainment I have today is a YouTube video. I came by this in my Change Management class at Purdue. The video is called A Vision of Students Today. It's a very straight-forward approach to how Technology and accepted behaviors and attitudes affect the learning process.


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