30 December 2008

Purdue Graduation

I've done it! I am now a proud Purdue University alumna! After 4.5 years in Boiler Nation I am now pressing onward into the next chapter of life: The Real World. More on that later.

In case you're wondering, I've graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Network Engineering Technology (think design, implementation and maintenance of hardware for computer networks) and a minor in Organizational Leadership and Supervision.

A quick recap of my nine happy semesters:

Semester One: little freshman, triathlon club, NROTC, first triathlon, meeting heaps of new friends, started dating Roy

Semester Two: used to the college scene, still with Roy, triathlon club, NROTC, two more triathlons, WIT

Semester Three: first apartment, still with Roy, house parties galore, started getting into yoga, WIT President

Semester Four: dealing with a roommate friendship gone bad, more house parties, dabbling with running, WIT President

(Don't worry, my grades were still fantastic, tee hee!)

Semester Five: gained a new circle of friends, movie nights, started serving on the C&IT Industrial Advisory Board, WIT President, first studio apartment

Semester Six: developed a slight bout of Senioritis, WIT President, C&IT IAB, getting more into running, began to consider a Study Abroad,

Semester Seven: officially a senior, C&IT IAB, WIT President, finally turned 21, Breakfast Club, serious about running, pot luck roommate in a great, new apartment, started dating Adam, gained a new circle of friends

Semester Eight: in Australia, lots of traveling, met loads of new (international) friends, gained new perspectives on life and the world (see Australia blog for more)

Semester Nine: the home stretch, tried many new restaurants, celebrated my first one year anniversary, ran my first half-marathon, accepted a job with Lockheed Martin upon graduation

Ah... it's been a great experience. I love Purdue! I bleed black and gold! Here are some photos from Commencement in December 2008:

My family and I

My grandparents and I

My great friends Alex and Feras and I

My old friend, Tyler, and I

Me crossing the railroad tracks towards the south to represent the end of my undergraduate career and the beginning of my relationship with the Purdue Alumni family

Just a quick blurb about the actual ceremony - it wasn't as long as anyone expected - yippee! And that day was the coldest day of my life! -20 degree wind chill! No one who attended the ceremony that day will ever, ever forget how cold it was, haha! On a more serious note, I really enjoyed President France Cordova's words and the music. It felt so wonderful crossing that stage!

Thank you so much to my amazing family, friends and Purdue!



ingle bingle said...

You look so pretty! Your hair has grown so long, geez! Mine's not that long yet :( I need as much as I can get all over to keep warm here, it's cold up here in the north too. (Uhm, kidding about the hair everywhere, that'll scare guys away forever... Haha) But we've had 12 degrees Fahrenheit now, without the wind. It's not really that cold for Norway, but cold for me who's been in Oz, haha ;) My parents tease me that I've turned into a koala bear whereas I used to be a polar bear...

Anyways, just wanted to say, although it's not really any of my business, but I'm proud of you, and of how much you have accomplished! You are truly amazing! Wish we had a similar graduation ceremony, but we don't in Norway. I still have my hat, stola and gown from when I graduated high school in Oregon though - maroon and gold forevah - should show up in that, haha!

Oh yeah, I'm probably gonna copy your semester-by-semester recap when I graduate too :) Six months left for me now :)

Anyhew, hope you're doing good :) Big graduation hugs from Norway :)

ambennett86 said...

thanks for the comment, inga! too funny about the transformation from a polar bear to a koala, haha! tell your folks i said hello! i laugh every time i think about your high school graduation rituals up there in norway - such a great tradition! goodness, you're done in just six months! it's crazy to think about, isn't it?! working on an email to ya, fyi. xoxo!