15 December 2008

Sweet September

September happens to be one of my favorite months of the year. I love autumn, the weather is starting to change, college football is rolling, and, not to mention, it brings with it my birthday!

I say sweet September because it was such a sweet month. Sweet is a word meaning "pleasing to the mind or feeling." And September was just that: pleasing.

Classes were getting going and were going well. Adam and I thoroughly enjoyed Breakfast Club craziness and a few home football games at Purdue (though the team had a kind of rough year).

Karan and Ed took me and Adam to Nine Irish Brother's for dinner one weekend - so delicious. It was a very pleasant visit.

One of the first couple weeks of September was Purdue's Black, Gold and Green week to demonstrate the ways in which Purdue was becoming more and more environmentally friendly. I really enjoyed that but I ask why can't it be more than just one week. Alas, it's a start in the right direction.

As I was fortunate enough to receive some financial support through some scholarships from the College of Technology, I attended a scholarship reception. It was very well enjoyed. Many students received scholarships, and the keynote, Abelardo, shared a truly amazing and moving story about his path to further his education at Purdue.

I had the pleasure of meeting Eric and Georgie at Grey House a couple times for tea and gellato! Georgie is an exchange student from Australia - Brisbane, QUT to be specific. It was great to catch up with her and Eric and talk about our trips.

Once again I got a group together to pay a semesterly trip to Hei Sei (Pratt, myself, Adam, and the Sees). As always, it was a good time and great sushi! Mmm!

A new tradition crept up during September: movie nights with ice cream breaks at Cold Stone's Creamery! I wonder why I hadn't come up with that idea sooner?! Kubacki, Adam, Feras and I took full advantage of those nights. Typically they fell on Sundays, and those days, according to Feras, are the days when I become super goofy, haha.

And, lastly, my favorite trend of the semester began, and that would be visits to The Hookah. I love that place so much, and it has provided me with many cherished memories.

Ah, September 2008. Ever so sweet.

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