18 December 2008

Opportunistic October

Whoops, I got out of order with my months. Oh, well. Here is October 2008:

Opportunity - a possibility due to a favorable combination of circumstances.

In October I was fortunate enough, once again, to be supported on a trip to Keystone, Colorado to attend the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing 2008. The experience was priceless and I met several great women from across the world. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip, the sessions and all of the fun stuff!

During one weekend the folks came up for a visit. We all went to Pepe's to visit Chucky while he was working. He hooked us up, and we returned the favor for his waiter Bingo, haha - his coworkers were not pleased that he won so quickly.

October holds a day that celebrates moldy cheese, appropriately named Moldy Cheese Day, haha - can you believe it? Because we love cheese, Adam and I bought some fancy cheese and bread and wine and had a nice little Italian dinner.

October break was fun and relaxing. I was lucky enough not to have much school work going on, and that always makes for a nice break. I remember that me and Adam had a pleasant weekend.

Adam took me to see another Margot concert. It was fantastic. I fell in love with them all over again with the release of their new album (Not/Animal).

On the 18th Adam and I ran the Indianapolis Mini Marathon with my mom! It was AWESOME! I had never ran for so long in one session, and I had never been SO sore (thank goodness for the hot tub), but it was completely worth it. Racing the mini was motivating, toned me up almost instantly, and I just loved it! My mom finished, then Adam, and then myself (my mom had trained a lot more than what Adam and I had). All of our times qualified us for the Indianapolis 500 Mini in the spring - I just booked my flight from Orlando for that race with my mom, actually. Ah, what a great race! I finished in 2 hours and 19 minutes. (Search for our names at this link for more details: http://www.tuxbro.com/results/2008/IM3/IMhalfa.htm )

October held the Computer and Information Technology Industrial Advisory Board meeting of the semester. Stephanie Semmel was new to the Board this year; she'll be taking over for me. I'm glad she enjoyed her position as the new student representative. As far as content discussed at the meeting, I think it's brilliant that the courses are being adjusted in the interest of retaining female student. Also, the C&IT labs are getting a lot of light.

Lastly, Halloween. What a FUN night! Adam, Kubacki, Feras and I went to Potter's party on the south side of Indy. Adam and Kubacki caught up with everyone while Feras and I had a goofy time together, haha. I'll never forget that night. Costume wise we were great - I was a librarian, Feras was Bob Marley, Kubacki was a SWAT guy, and Adam took the cake as Charlie Chaplin - it was priceless. This was also the first and only occasion I've seen Adam without his beard. It was kind of strange.

And that was October 2008.


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