13 December 2008

Ambitious August

I've been slacking with the posts this semester - goes to show what a busy final semester of college it has been! Let me get started:

I'd like to begin by defining the term "ambition." Ambition is a cherished desire. In August my desires were many, but a few note-worthies would be to kick off a great final semester, to grow with Adam and to enjoy life. I'm happy to report that I was ambitious and met my desires.

Now the quick-n-dirty run down on what all I was getting up to during August:

During the first half of August I completed my second internship with Lockheed Martin. It was another great internship, although I missed Kristin's company dearly. I had several visitors: Mom, Aunt Dawn and Grandma visited one weekend, and Adam came down for a weekend, too.

A few times I got together with friends to watch the Colts season get started. It was a rough start, but I still bleed blue, and you better believe it! I finally got a #18 Colts jersey (for my birthday), which I wear on Colts Sundays, naturally.

The summer olympics were fantastic to keep up with. As a swimmer I really enjoyed watching Phelps set so many phenomenal records! The gymnasts were fun to watch, too (thought I was a little disgruntled about the whole age episode with China).

When I returned to Indiana I ran a great race at the Kernal Klassic 5K with my folks and Sam. We took a photo with Garfield and were dubbed "the running family." Immediately after the race I headed up to the Indiana Dunes to spend the weekend with Adam and his crew. We jumped the dunes, built a sand Egypt and visited the casino.

Next on the agenda was to move up to Purdue. Adam was a tremendous help in the effort (I have lots of stuff). That week we celebrated Michelle's up-coming trip to Dominica for a doctorate program she's partaking in. That night was a ton of fun, and I paid dearly for it that night and all the next two days, haha. Adam took such great care of me. Also this week we visited Adam's folks at their recently acquired lake cabin - it's so cute, and such a beautiful lake!

And then it was time for classes to start. I, of course, was all excited and ambitious. That attitude didn't last any longer than it usually does, but it was a great start, nonetheless. There was a nice welcome back reception for spring Study Abroad-ers. Adam took me to an excellent concert of the Counting Crows, Augustana, and Maroon 5 - we loved it!

Labor Day weekend was one of my favorite camping trips! We played bags and cards and swam and played frisbee! It was a blast. Not to mention the company - we'd never camped with Lynn, Mike and the boys previously, but they were great!

And that was my August 2008.

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