16 December 2008

Nostalgic November

Nostalgia: a bittersweet yearning for the things of the past

So befitting a post title for the eleventh month of 2008.

During November of this year my mom visited Adam and I at Purdue. We had a great evening during which we went to Akropolis for some delicious Greek cuisine (it was my mom's first time). Afterwards the three of us ventured back to campus for some gelato at Grey House.

I ran a 5-mile race with Mom - Run the Mounds. It was one of my worst runs (hers, too, if I remember correctly), but we were both very glad we got out there and ran. Plus there was an assortment of food and snacks afterwards, so that was really great. Plus, I just love running at Mounds State Park. It's where the birth of my passion for running took place.

The presidential election took place during this month. It was quite a hype leading up to the 4th, but afterwards it was fairly calm, if you ask me. I'm really happy about Barack Obama becoming the president-elect for the next presidential term in the USA. It's a tough time for the US, but we'll see what happens.

One night was particularly fun when me, Adam, Kubacki and Feras went to see Quantum of Solace (the second of the new bond movies) and then had dinner at Nine Irish Brother's. We had a spectacular time out that night.

During the weekend of and on the 8th of November Adam and I celebrated our one year anniversary. The day couldn't have been more perfect (with the exception of his becoming ill throughout the day = ( ... Regardless, we each enjoyed our gifts, and cherished the day and what it represented to us. I've never had the pleasure of sharing such a wonderful year with someone so amazing as Adam. I am thankful for every day of that year together.

In retrospect one can see how November would be such a nostalgic month for me. Among the memories reflected here in this post, It holds a tremendously beloved memory with someone very dear to my heart.


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