22 January 2012

TSRS 5/7: Seasons 52 5.2

Sunday was the fifth race of the Track Shack's Running Series: the Seasons 52 5.2K in Winter Park, Florida!

Here is a snap shot of my race results (I'm 8th):

Nike+ offers some neat statistics and graphical views. I would share a graphical view of my pace throughout the race, but my Nike+ application only captured my time - none of the distance. So it's of no use for this run. = (

Here is a map of the route (with start, finish and mile markers):

While I had planned to arrive to the race early to allow for ample stretching and warming up and packet pick-up, the day started out poorly as I slept in by about 45 minutes, had to get gas, and hit stand-still traffic on 408. My friend, Joel, ran the race with me, and we made it to the start with about 60 seconds to spare. Considering the rough start to the morning, the race was pretty decent. I felt pretty good (even with having a tough leg workout a few days prior and battling a sore throat and not enough sleep). In the last 0.5 mile of the race I was thankful to have a few girls (most of whom looked to be in my age group) keep sneaking up behind me to pass. That was when I kicked it in gear, took longer strides, bettered my breathing, and passed a girl I'd figured was beyond reach! She didn't see my coming!

After the first race I was sitting fairly well in 7th place in the series for my age group (Women 19-24) because I came in 7th place in the race. After the second race, I was sitting pretty in 4th place in the series because I took 3rd place in the race. After the third race, I was still sitting in 4th place, and I was okay with that. I injured my back and had to sit out of the fourth race; this dropped me down to 6th place. Now, after the fifth race, I've gained 3 points and am now in 5th place in the series.

And that wraps it up for the fifth race in the series! Next up is the House of Hope Run Around the Pines 5K in Winter Park, Florida on Saturday, 18 February 2012! Here's a snap shot of thTrack Shack Running Series (link to my blog about it):

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