22 January 2012

10 Nail Care Tips

I am not a girly girl, but I do appreciate sporting a nice set of nails. Here are 10 tips for nail care (credit: adjusted from a Beauty page of the April 2011 issue of In Style).

1. Do a fun style, like two-toning your nail and your moons:

2. For dry, brittle nails, condition the cuticle before bed.

3. Take fish oil to help boost nail thickness. I like Nature Made Fish Oil.

4. Give your nails some shape. I like to do mine squared off. I enjoy using the fun foam nail files - plus they're usually less than a buck!

5. Want to quit chewing your nails? Pop some gum and slap on some lotion. The gum will keep your teeth occupied while the lotion makes for a nasty taste on your tongue. I like Orbit's Sweetmint chewing gum and Jergens' Ultra Healing lotion.

6. Not sure if the salon thoroughly sterilized those tools for your mani or pedi? Bring your own kit.

7. Putting unpolished nails into a lemon wedge twice a week will help whiten the nails and clear out hiding bacteria.

8. Avoid UVB lamps because they can accelerate the aging of your hands' skin.

9. Regularly slap on a top coat to keep painted nails looking fresh. My favorite is OPI's Top Coat.

10. Finally, keep your nail polish stock full of fresh, classic and fun colors! Right now Nicki Minaj has a featured set of OPI nail polish lacquers.

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