06 July 2011

Track Shack Running Series

I've just learned about and decided to compete in the Track Shack Running Series!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with running series, it's basically a set of races - in this case it's 7 - where points are awarded based on where one finishes in the race.

In my age group (19-24) I've placed in the top 3 in 2 races so far this year, so I think I have a shot at placing in the top 5 of the running series (for my age group). If so, I win an award!

The fact that I am paying nearly $200 up front to participate in the running series is really motivating to keep me laced up and hitting the pavement to stay active and healthy. AND it fits in perfectly with my one-race-per-month plan I've been sticking to this year (and many to come, hopefully).

If you're interested in joining me - or are already planning to run - in this running series, let me know! It's SO MUCH more fun running with friends!

Here is the running series race schedule:

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