09 January 2012


This is my latest obsession: Bananagrams.

I've always been passionate about language, words, word puzzles, etc. Now I'm addicted.

I started playing Scrabble in 2008. In 2010 when I got the iPhone 4 I started playing Words with Friends. In August 2010 I was introduced to Bananagrams. Since then I've acquired my own set and introduced my friends and family to the game. For a White Elephant Gift Exchange over Christmas Break I won Scrabble fridge magnets. This weekend I bought the Scrabble Dictionary, 4th edition to use during play (either Scrabble or Bananagrams) along with the Bananagrams Page-A-Day Calendar 2012.

If you're just getting into these awesome word games or are curious, here are a few references to check out:

Banangrams Website
Buy Bananagrams ($15, Amazon)
Buy the Bananagrams Page-A-Day Calendar 2012 ($6.50, Amazon)
Scrabble Dictionary (online)
Buy the Scrabble Dictionary ($7.50, Amazon)

Happy word playing!

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