26 May 2009

The Time Traveler's Wife

I absolutely loved this book! Audrey wrote in such beautiful language, and she potrayed the story in a well-done and very creative manner. She developed the chemistry between older Henry and young Clare in a quite acceptable manner, and she really demonstrated the emotions the two experienced during those earlier (for Clare, anyway) meetings. It took me a few chapters to realize that the story was being told in accordance with Clare's timeline, and I had to adjust to the unconventional timeline of Henry, in general, but it was very easy to get used to. I enjoyed how the tale was told through Clare and Henry's perspectives in accordance with their age and level of maturity. This was a book I never wanted to put down. I continually craved to know what happened to Clare and Henry. The story really pulled you in as a reader; like the characters, you, too, were wrenched emotionally. I wasn’t a huge fan of the ending, but it was consistent with the story, and I can’t dream up any other ending, so, eh. I will say that when I closed the book upon finishing the last page, I smiled and thought, “what a wonderful story.”

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