14 May 2009


After a few weeks of uber hot weather (warmer than usual for this time of year), the wet season has begun. I was bummed when my sand volleyball game and practice were canceled this week. Hopefully they don't get rained out again next week!

Mom sent me the photo below. Don't my parents look fantastic?!

Mom, Dad and I after the Indianapolis Mini 500 Half-Marathon

Mom also sent me the photo below of my brother taking care of prom business. Isn't he a stud?!

Sam trying out his prom suit

25 May is the next OCC meeting. I'm excited because Bill Fortney is the guest speaker. I checked out his website and found that he has some amazing work! He also has some good quotes posted throughout his website. Here's one that stuck out to me:

good advice from photographer Bill Fortney's website

I'm in love with The Time Traveler's Wife!!! I can feel that it's going to wind up as one of my very favorite books!

Training at worked concluded today. Turns out that I got a pretty darned good SE education at Purdue during my freshmen and sophomore years. Yay! Who knew I'd wind up using my IS knowledge when I went with the NET side of the house?

After work I went to the gym for a 3 mile run and 25 minutes of cycling. After that I picked up tickets for Tiffany and I to see Angels & Demons tomorrow night. I'm a little nervous about seeing the film because of my recent revelation in my Faith... as far as books and movies go, though, it's probably going to be very good. The book, regardless of my beliefs, was done extremely well and remains a favorite (at least until I reread it, if ever with my huge list of books I want to read for the first time). Anyway, I'm excited to hang out with Tiffany tomorrow.

Saturday I'm running at Baldwin Park with Brandie. I'm hoping to put in 7.5 miles. We'll see. No set plans for Saturday night yet.



Dad said...

Who's that lucky guy with two gorgeous young ladies on his arms? And that one on the left is ONE HOT MOMMA!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I picked the best photo of me. Of course, you guys look amazing too after running half a marathon!
Now we just have to talk the two real athletes of the family to join us next year!!!