13 May 2009

OCC Architecture Tour

Saturday I went downtown with the Orlando Camera Club for some photography "phun!" The main goal was to gain some experience in some architecture photography, but we were free to steer away into nature, etc. - whatever tickled our fancy. I met some nice folks in the club who were also out. I think I may be investing in a tripod soon... Anyway, here are some photos from the day. Nothing super impressive, but these are my favorites. Feel free to provide any comments on the photos!

There was a really gorgeous rust-colored wall with an old floor area beside it that had a lot of character. It's a really simple shot, but I like the contrast of the rich wall and the broken-up ground.

This is the area below a window of a little Italian pizza shop. I wish I had a tripod so it would have been perfectly even, but oh, well. another simple shot. I just like the colors in the panes.

A really pretty statue against the blue sky. It reminds me of the snow sculpture i made a few years back, haha!

I like the rounds on these buildings.

I have this thing for trees. I loved the bark on this one and the washed out/blurriness of the leaves above. the bit of trees at the bottom need cropped, though.

A band of buildings downtown, shot from across Lake Eola. The sunrise wasn't spectacular, but the light it added was nice.

Another shot from across Lake Eola, including the fountain and more of the skyline. I like the reflection of the buildings off the lake.

I really like this photo, even with the leaves on the bricks. I like the curvature of the bricks. I might enter this photo in next month's OCC "curves" themed photo contest.

I love the daffodils in this photo, but I wish I'd centered the image with the monument at the end of the flower stretch. I meant for the flowers to be more in the macro and the monument to be a little better positioned and blurred out maybe a little more. Oh, well.

And for the exciting news that I mentioned a couple posts back... I have some upcoming modeling opportunities! There was an OCC announcement of a field trip/workshop of photographing live models, and that made me wonder who I should talk to if I was interested in being a model. Turns out the OCC is always looking for new models! Ta da! The cool thing is that I'm not too experienced, so I don't know how to "work the camera," so to speak, which is the most helpful level of experience for these photographers who are trying to develop their portraiture skills. So it's a win-win; not to mention that there's some money and, possibly, some time-for-prints (to develop a modeling portfolio) involved! I'm excited!


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Tammy said...

That's exciting. A model, huh? You never know where one road leads and crosses with another.......