04 May 2009

The Big Race

The race was a blast! Mom, Dad and I performed very well!

The morning started out in a very Bennett-like fashion (i.e., running behind time), but we ended up making it to the starting line in plenty of time. With 40,000 runners and walkers starting takes a while to trickle back in the line. I meant to mention this in my "eve" post: Mom, Dad and I started in Corral G, and the corrals go clear through Z, so we were pretty well off in our seating. Despite the bumpy start, we wished one another luck, and off we were!

I ended up dropping 10 minutes off of my first half-marathon time, so I'm really pleased with that, but: I was so well hydrated that I had to stop to pee not once, not twice, but three times! I bet I could have finished in 2 hours flat if it hadn't been for those stops! Next time I'm going to be under 2 hours!

Below are my race statistics. Click the image to see a larger view.

I thought it was pretty great that out of 40,000 participants, I came in 4180th out of all the women! Not too shabby!

After being beat by my mother in my first half-marathon race, I was set and determined to correct that at this race, hehe. But Mom and Dad were spectacular and so adorable because they finished at 2:15 (no lie - only 5 minutes behind me!) and crossed the finish line together! I'm so proud of them!

My body recovered after this half-marathon much better than after my first half-marathon. Granted, I trained for 5 solid months for this race whereas for the one last year I was still in school and didn't train consistently (well, hardly at all). My knees were really stiff Saturday after the race, but by Sunday evening they were fine. I'm already planning my races for the rest of the year! I'm thinking about the Rock 'N Roll Chicago Half-Marathon on 2 August 2009...

I think this race is going to become a tradition for the Bennett's. It was such a wonderful event! I love downtown Indianapolis, it's a great time of the year, making for excellent running weather, and it was a ton of fun! I even saw a friend playing along side of the race with his band, The Highway! (Here are links to their MySpace and Official websites. Check 'em out!)



Dad said...

Hi Princess! Nice blog. Since you dropped me from receiving the emails, I figured I'd better get by this to see your blog-site in person. I like your race write-up. It was a GREAT time. I can even walk again now. I'm actually looking forward to some more running with Mom this week. I think you're right... this will become a great family tradition, at least for a few years. Now we just have to shame the two youngest and most athletically inclined members of the family into running with us!

Mom said...

Don't short change your mom & pop. Our time was 2:14, not 2:15. Next year's goal is to be under 2 hours. Better start working towards that now. I believe it's do-able. And hey, you're "Mom" didn't have to stop to pee once! Tee-Hee-Hee