10 May 2009

Mom's Spring Break Visit

A few weeks ago my mom visited me! It was wonderful to see a member of the family! I'd missed her so much! We had a great week and a half together. We ate at Urban Flats (tradition), had make-overs at Merle Norman (also tradition), canoed with an alligator down a river in Wekiva, furnished my apartment, started a potted garden, ran a 5K, played at the beach and in the ocean and met up with Aunt Joan. I can't wait until she visits again this summer! Here are some photos of her stay:

the finished looks from the Merle Norman make-overs

about to begin our "adventure" canoe trip

the gator we canoed by while less than a meter away (seriously)

pre-race photo with the OWR at the Windermere Run Among the Lakes 5K

Mom looking hot in the cool ocean (5 more minutes, please!)

Great Aunt Joan Golden, Mom & I


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