12 May 2009

Tiffany & Co.

Saturday night I went out with Tiffany & Co. and had a great time! Since I was already downtown, I beat them to Ember and ordered myself a delicious Cosmopolitan. I grabbed a table, and enjoyed the DJ's music selection of 90s and rock (he's my favorite of the downtown DJs). After while Tiffany & Co. arrived! I met Ben and Josh, and we all kicked things off with. A few rounds later we went to Wall Street; this was my first time to actually enjoy Wall Street (weather-based result as Wall Street is partially outdoors). We went to Sling-a-Pores (spelling?) and hit the dance floor. I hadn't been dancing since Halloween, and if you know me, that's WAY overdue! Ben and I paired up for most of the night, and it was great to get my dancing fix. Around 2 we called it a night. I was sober, so I drove Ben, Tiffany and Matt back home (conveniently enough, we all live in the same complex). On the way home we jammed to my dance mix; everyone was very keen on Call on Me by Eric Prydz, haha! What a fun night!

Here are a couple photos, thanks to Tiffany (I can't believe I didn't take a single photo of my own!). Not sure what I'm doing with my shoulder here. It's looking pretty contorted, but my guess is that I was trying to be more level with the girls as they were all seated. My legs look great, anyway!

the girls: myself, Jordana, Tiffany, Kara

Ben and I on the dance floor

Got this from Adam over in England: team ghosting competition. It's quite entertaining, funny, and creative!

I'm going to try something new here. If you read this and have any favorite meals for one, please email them to me at ambennett86@gmail.com. It took 5 months of cooking for one in the "Real World" to break me down and make me dread grocery shopping (don't worry, I stocked up last night - I was out of cereal, ha). Anyway, I'd like to hear what folks do when they cook for one. It can be anything: recipes, favorite quick meals, something off the wall - I dunno. Whatever. I'll compile it all and put up a post on cooking for one. Wow, this sounds so lame-o, but I think people might find it useful or motivating in small someway. I'm going to call the post "Save a freezer meal. Ride a recipe!"


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