07 May 2009

Emma by Jane Austen

Emma was my first Jane Austen read. I had seen Pride & Prejudice, Becoming Jane & The Jane Austen Book Club - all of which I really enjoyed; however, reading the first 40/55 chapters Emma was a chore for me. I understand that extensive description was considered entertainment back in Jane's time, but even with that in mind I found it dull. The first 40 chapters were more background for the last 15, in my opinion. I really did enjoy those final chapters, when the book became juicy, so to speak, with drama. There were some good twists, too. In retrospect, I'm glad I read a Jane novel and it really is a great classic. But I will say that it will be like pulling one's own teeth to talk myself into reading a second Jane book.

The best part of reading Emma, for me, was reading it "virtually" with my Mom. I bought us each a copy of Emma as a "moving away" gift; something we could do together while away from each other. We read at fairly different paces, but we enjoyed sharing thoughts on the story as we read.

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After reading Emma I watched Clueless. Had I not read Emma I would have thought Clueless to be a dumb, 90s teen flick. However, I found the parallels in the book and film to be very interesting. I enjoyed the teeny-bobber movie, actually. And I liked Paul Rudd's character (I recently saw I Love You, Man where he co-stars).

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Bottom line: Jane isn't my style, Clueless was enjoyable since I'd previously read Emma, and Paul Rudd is adorable.


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