17 January 2010

Mustache Movement

Last night I went out with some friends from my book club. As we were leaving a guy and his girlfriend walked up to us. Turns out they had baked an apple pie as a reward for a competition they were having that evening. Between the two of them, whoever had the most photos with strangers won. The twist was that in the photo they had to put their finger, painted with a mustache, to your face such that it looked like you had a mustache. Kinda weird, but we thought it was great, haha. Here's a photo from last night that was inspired by their competition (you have to pretend there's a mustache painted onto our fingers, haha):

I find it so fascinating the movement that mustaches have been making lately. Have you noticed? I was just talking about this with some colleagues from work a couple weeks ago. Mustaches are EVERYWHERE:

Fine art:



Household items:

Tee Shirts:

There are already lots of on-going efforts which star the mustache:

I love the Mustache Movement, but I think men are sexier wearing beards. = P

Happy Moustache Spotting!


Image Sources:
Mona Lisa with Mustache
Triple Mustache
Mustache iPod Cozy
Mustache Mugs
Mustache Busted Tee

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