07 January 2010

The Hobbit

A lot of people know who Frodo Baggins is. What a lot of people don't know there's an entire story about Bilbo Baggins, the hobbit whom Frodo considered his uncle. "The Hobbit" is a fantastic story of Bilbo's adventures before those of "The Lord of the Rings" begins. I didn't realize "The Hobbit" was intended as a children's book, though it read quickly and easily as such. In the respect of the intended audience it is much like that of the "Harry Potter" series, enjoyed by all ages.

"The Hobbit" was instantly a favorite. I loved the magic, the languages, the imagery, the journey... It's a story I will surely share with my children.

My favorite chapter was "Riddles in the Dark" where Bilbo plays word games with Gollum.

A movie of "The Hobbit" is being developed! I am excited to see it in theaters! IMDB Article

Wikipedia Article


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